You’re My Inspiration

I would be remiss if I didn’t post something as we enter Christmas and Chanukah, knowing that the end of the calendar is nigh.

This isn’t a post of reflection but of recognition.  I am so blessed to nurture the relationships I have.  For me, there isn’t much separation between professional and personal because I take the connections that I have with people in my life, regardless of how peripheral they may be, v. seriously.

There are times where I may be arrogant, impatient and quick to judge.  I try to recognize it, not dwell on the behavior and move forward.  What motivates me to do this are these v. relationships.

I am achieving a better me because of you.  The wisdom, listening, creativity and passion we share is luscious, full of verve and sacred.    You may not know the impact you have on my life because we may not always be in constant communication but its a reverberation that I feel every day.

Here’s to you.

Music of the day – Frank Sinatra ” Aint that a kick in the head”

Neurally yours,


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