The Eyelash Impact

The eyelash.  An integral part of our overall anatomy, protecting our eyes from debris.  A body part that  is exercised thousands of times a day, most involuntary, without any effort or for that matter, guilt.  The hair above our pupils also serves to enhance  our life experiences.   A non-verbal signal communicating a wide range of emotions from seduction  and surprise to fear and sadness.  In a blink we can articulate a feeling without ever saying a word.  There are even wands of color and tools for the specific purpose of beautifying the tiny follicles that linger over our eyes.

There are so many cliches that personify thoughts, feelings and actions through the eyes.  Yet, the eyelash – soft and sturdy, versatile and humble in its role in are overall anatomy, is somehow overlooked.

If our eyes are the windows of the soul and beauty is the eye of the beholder, are we overlooking the impact of the lash?

Music mood: – “smoke gets in your eyes” -The Platters

Neurally yours,

the pupils’ curtain xo 


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