The Devaluation of Social Capital

If asked someone who knows me to describe me, “politically correct” is not top of mind.  Depending on who you ask, my forward style and ability to “tell it like it is” could be considered….charming.

Recently, someone commented on my new photos (taken on election day) and how the cross necklace I was wearing in the photo could be offensive or turn off people.  The comment was perfectly reasonable considering how political correct our society has become.  We are so worried about offending others that the opportunity to actually connect becomes hindered.

This brings me to the idea of social capital.

We conveniently talk about social capital as a fundamental building block of society.  The  effort we make to tiptoe around people’s feelings assumes a person is one-dimensional and irrational;  essentially discrediting any notion for complex, rational thought. Essentially, our overly diligent attitude begins to not only discredit but also devalue.

There is certainly no lack of supply of social capital but I question the demand when society seems to be value the idea that difference of opinion alienates, thus causes lack of desire to connect.  I’m certainly not saying that we should speak/demonstrate our opinions irresponsibly or carelessly.  It may just take a bit of mining on our part to rediscover how invaluable differences can be in building societal infrastructure.

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