The Intimacy Paradox

Technology has always dictated social behaviors and how cultures evolves.  Never more so than now, as its rapid advancement is quite  the paradox – connecting easily more than ever but also isolating us.

Which begs us to ask the question, “At what point will face to face human interaction become less necessary or valuable in our lives?”

One could argue that humans are needed to reproduce but at certain medical schools, robots are used to simulate delivery and procedures like c-sections.   You could also say the same for sex…but is a kiss just a kiss…regardless of if it physical mouth on mouth or through virtual reality?

Autonomous vehicles, drones and robotic logistics equipment being employed to make online orders ship faster.  The adoption rate of social media has made it more comfortable for people to communicate virtually rather than in person.  Given the direction the world is heading,  will the need for physical contact and face to face interaction lose its luster? Will humans willingly embrace an increasingly robotic and artificially intelligent world?

I have this romantic notion that no matter how advanced or society becomes, nothing can replace the human touch.  The subtle meanings in a conversation, tete-e-tete.  A simple whisper in the ear.   The feel of warm skin.  The sound of a  deep, guttural laugh when something is really funny and you don’t care how you look.  The look of a body not so perfect but the imperfections escape you because beauty is all encompassing and well, the that body is ready for you.

Indeed intimacy will become an increasing paradox to contend with in the future. In the meantime, savor the intensity and flow of emotion from the intimate moments you experience.  What can never be replicated  by the best AI is the currency and fickle nature of emotions that intimate situations create, however permanent or temporary they are.

Algorithms are just too rational.

Music mood:  Skee-Lo “I wish…”

Neurally yours,

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