The Lust and Logic Stand-Off

In a previous post I touched upon rational v. emotional needs.  It prompted a thought derivative….

Lust and logic, competing and beguiling behaviors.  The head v. the heart.   Rational v. emotional.   A standoff of epic proportions.

Lust, with a capital “L” ,  kinetic in its nature, gathering a momentum that takes us often to unexpected places.  The exhibition of somewhat irrational behavior as we feel compelled to dig into the small sample we had the pleasure to taste.

Logic.  Associated with thought.  A responsible process/ series of steps to reach a reasonable and rational conclusion/action.  Logic, on the surface may seem less “creative” and lacking emotional quotient.

But is this just a misnomer?  Are logic and lust really at opposite ends of the spectrum or are they just confused?  I don’t believe it is a case of “either/or” rather a “how.”  The commonality is an intimidation factor.  The behaviors of lust and logic can cause us to feel anxious.  A push and pull effect that seems never ending.

The solution seems to like in finding the equilibrium.  There is no cookie-cutter, formulaic way to discover this.  And this is where our instinct kicks in.  Oh how we underestimate its power.  We listen when it suits us but it always there in pinch.

A standoff of behaviors vying for our attention no longer exists when the mediator is instinct.

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Neurally yours,

a beautiful mind xo 



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