In The Magical Land of Make-Believe

This post is dedicated to my hard-driving boss.  I earned that recommendation.

I’ve written about these scenarios before and oh how much fun they are!  When I was grammar school a part of every summer was spent in theater camp so my improv skills are pretty well sharpened.

Recently, I spent some time in North Jersey.  I had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 3 years.  When he last spent time with me I had a shaved head and now with my hair shoulder length and its natural color, I fit the role of the ambitious and bitchy assistant. I never had so much fun getting fired.

Let me share some tips that might help guide you down your next successful role-play scenario:

  • Sexual deviance in the context of make-believe is not weird nor does it make you incestuous.  A popular role play is the Mommy/son/step-son, etc..   Who doesn’t want to summon their deviant psyche for an afternoon of  naughty fun?
  • As Eminem says, “lose yourself in the moment..” The most important thing about role play is to just  have fun with it.  It is a wonderful tool for connection, especially in an initial meeting.   There is no reason to be self-conscious because you are playing a character and that allows so much creative freedom.
  • Understand transition.   This is that delicate moment when the role play ends.  It doesn’t mean the fun has to end but it is important to note that not everyone has the same penchant or vigor for creativity and conjuring up a fantasy world.  Perhaps it is just used as an ice-breaker or in the opposite case, a truly elaborate scenario is devised.  It is important to communicate what it is you are looking for and in more important that the more experienced partner is reading body language ensure that at all times both of you are having fun.
  • Passion over talent.  It isn’t necessary that someone have been trained in improv or acting ( as I was) to ensure a fulfilling role-play experience.  However, they should be eager to try and definitely not shy.   A bad role-play partner is  not like pizza – role play when its bad is just not good, any  way you slice it.

I hope these suggestions put you on the magical road to your next  fun and sexy make-believe adventure.

Music mood:  Eminem ” Lose Yourself”

Neurally yours,

the Unicorn Princess xo 

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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