I would like to thank the “Ray-Ban” man for sparking this post.  You know who you are….

It strikes me that a good pair of sunglasses can double a man’s attractiveness.  I remember when I was 15 and I would spend my summers in Brigantine but my parents wouldn’t let me ride in cars with other teenagers.  I was always the rule-breaker.   The one thing that increased a man’s “hotness” index  when I was 15 were his Ray-Bans and a if he drove a Jeep Wrangler.   I’ll never forget the look my dad gave me when the lifeguard pulled into my driveway and my dad was sitting on the deck, looking down at me with a look I can’t really describe.  lol.  Just look at any military movie from the 80s including Top Gun, the “hotness” index still rules today, when it comes to sunglasses on a man.

What should  the criteria be for a change maker kind of look?

  1.  Fit.  The glasses must fit your face frame properly.  You are not a celebrity who needs oversized sunglasses.  Find a pair that accentuates your attractive features and deemphasizes any flaws.
  2. Style.  Personality and verve. It goes without saying that the  classic “Aviator”  is well, “classic” for a reason.  The “Wayfarer” is also more of a “new wave classic.”  There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of unexpected flash.   I love it when people buy regular glasses and the frames have an unexpected pop of color, for example.  Perhaps, you choose colored mirror lenses (all the rage right now).  Of course, it is key to show a bit of restraint and edit.  Do not peacock for the sake of it. Make sure the look is flattering but gives people a peek into your personality.  Ray-Ban allows you to even customize your style….
  3. Swagger. This is what brings it all together.  Your confidence and attitude.  Physical looks, at the end of the day are not what really matter.  A man who has alot of confidence, not arrogance, is what will always win a woman over. If you have it naturally, own it if you don’t, put on those glasses and fake it ’til you make it.

The future looks bright so wear your shades.

Music mood – Tribe Called Quest ” Can I kick it?”

Kickin’  it,

Shades of Sunshine xo