Fantasy’s Pedestal

The word fantasy.  When you say it aloud it is denotes whimsy and fancy.  Perhaps this is because the etymology of the word in Greek (phantasia) and French (fantasy) essential means “the power of the imagination , perception or appearance.”  In 1926, this definition evolved, ” sense of day dreams based on desires.”

It makes sense then that when talking about anything fanciful, colorful and lustful, we find the only appropriate descriptor to be “fantasy.”

The word itself holds a sense of elusiveness, aspiration.   Perhaps that is why we long for the transition of it to reality.  Yet, its hard to get for a reason.  This  fantasy stands proud and strong on its pedestal, not wishing to be knocked off by the over-eager or zealous.   The reckless may find themselves in a similar fate to Narcissus, wish and want, too long and too hard and you may drown in your own thoughts.

This fantasy remains out of reach for a reason.  If we take a minute to appreciate living in in the moment  that reality brings, the longing fades and the sweetness of bitter imperfection shines through.

Music mood:  Blondie ” Heart of Glass”

Neurally yours,

fantasy’s pedestal




I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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