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The Sextelligentsia

Intellect.  Street smarts.  Emotional maturity.  These are are ways we tend to judge a person’s ability to perform and the back-pocket reason for their behaviors.  What grown-up words.

Sexual intelligence.  A term  often confused and mislabeled for intellect and emotional maturity.  The big brain catalyzes the kinetic and carnal energies between two (or sometimes more) people.

The porn industry generates approximately $97 billion globally and sex toys, $15 billion globally.  That is alot of eyeballs and green.  Yet, I am wiling to bet that most people have no idea what to do with the sex toys sold in the stores.  The purchases are made in aspiration – to find that nirvana of pleasure with something artfully designed specifically for this purpose.

The concept of sexual intelligence is a smorgasbord of awareness.  It is not just knowing how to invoke feelings of lust and flirtation but it is also understanding the physical body.  This leads me to the conclusion that sexy toys were developed for the unimaginative.  The emphasis is too often put on a start and a finish rather than an continuous flow of exploration and curiosity that stirs whimsy and adventure at its own pace.

To be sexually wise is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Neurally yours,

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