The Trouble With the Smile

Your most under appreciated asset is your smile.  It took me a while to recognize this.  In fact, I am the first person to admit how self-conscious I am about smiling in a photograph.  It wasn’t until someone pointed out that whenever they see a picture of me I always look annoyed or sad and that in person it is exactly the opposite.  I thought about this feedback and was embarrassed because that critique was 100% true.

It got me wondering why I was so shy to show my true personality within the realm of visual arts?  After all, its so easy for me to emote through writing.  What is so difficult about conveying how happy I am through a simple smile?  Am I afraid of looking childish?

I took some pictures recently and while I have some pics where I look serious there are few that show different variation of a smile – from slight to showing teeth.  Voila!  lol  What I realize is that words are easy and expendable.  Like turning on a tap they flow easily.   The time spent in person, the act of physically connecting is compelling to the point that the smile comes easily because there is nothing I enjoy more then building that connection.

What I realize now is that connection starts with a simple visual.

Music mood:  “Pictures of you” – the Cure

Neurally yours,

the Girl with the Pearl Earring xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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