Another Year Older

I turned 41 in July.  In the last couple of years, I have gotten into this habit of going away with a great group of friends.  On the day of my birthday, I ask them “in what way can I make our friendship more fulfilling?”

It is important for me to recognize that I am better person in all of my relationships, if I put the focus on others.  I talk alot.  I’m told I am a good listener too but sometimes I get ahead of myself in my enthusiasm to connect with someone.    I have a habit of seeing 5 steps ahead but sometimes at the sacrifice of truly empathizing first.

In church last Sunday, the Pastor talked about how neuroscience has discovered that are brains, in short are not really built for multi-tasking.  Now I was aware of this from a McKinsey article I read awhile ago but it was a great reminder, especially as I was sitting in High Mass and focusing on myself.  We may pride ourselves on our ability to juggle but the truth is that its not easy to be a juggler.

It is vertical mindset that requires a deeper level of attention and concentration, whether on a task or a person.  Yet, technology, with all of its advancements, have us doing the opposite, which is why we often feel “that there is never enough time in the day” and as a result important relationships may suffer from time to time.

I am not saying technology is a bad thing but if we can recognize that focus rather than scale is a more enriching and ultimately more fruitful process then we will find ourselves and our relationships more energized.


Music mood:  Chopin -Nocturne No.2 in e Flat

Neurally yours,

your  exhausted mind   xo


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