Brief Interludes

I know this blog as turned away from getting as intensely personal as it once was.  It just happened that way.  There was a period of time that I left my heart and soul out on the table for a feast.  The openness helped people to understand a mindset that v. people are given realistic insight to.  50 Shades of Grey, Vanilla, or any other flavor, this blog is not.

Through this internal evolution, I discovered I am much more like you that I realized. The passion burns bright and fierce but at different intensities.  There are times it rages and times they are mere embers.  It rages more often though…

I don’t write about it being a journey to enjoy my own words.  It really is.  We plod along on this path, sometimes carefully making decisions, sometimes impulsively making them.  One is not better than the other because in that moment we are making a choice.  The thing about a journey is you only move forward.  Yes, there are crossroads, twists and turns.  You are aware there is a destination,  the pinnacle, the end.   There should be no regrets.  We will learn and hopefully grow from these, no matter what.

We are all vulnerable to the consequences of the decisions we make.  I know my decisions have revealed some unattractive sides to myself that I have worked on pruning.  I’ve made some unusual lifestyle choices, crazy decisions but they are brief interludes to the symphony that is my life, a body of successes and failures existing in eclectic harmony.

Music mood:  Andrew Bayer ” Brief interlude”

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