Love From an Elevator

Last night I attended a communication and leadership dinner for women at a steakhouse in midtown.  One interesting fact is that men stop listening after 1 minute.


One minute!  60 seconds.   The only thing I do in 1 minute is a plank.  I take longer than that brushing my teeth.


Im the first to admit that I make the mistake at times of talking too much or worse too fast.  It is an emotional reaction catalyzed by enthusiasm and sometimes nervousness.  We trick our brains into thinking more is better, when just enough is more than satisfying.

What matters to me is that we are connecting.  It doesn’t matter if we are strangers, lovers or old friends. The attention is undivided and on you, whether we are alone or with hundreds/thousands of people.  The only need I have is to show you how much I appreciate your presence.  I care about your needs, desires and thoughts.


I genuinely want to know you not just stuff about you.


Time:  :54

Neurally yours,

love  from an elevator




I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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