The CO2 of Conversation

In a perfect world we would all listen much more intently than we talk.  Perhaps it is just a nervous tick- the job interview, the first date, prospecting a new client…we talk not because it is an easy way of releasing nervous energy, like liberating the carbon dioxide molecules, that have been imprisoned in a can of soda, watching them fizz, rise and escape.

We are sometimes like those trapped CO2 molecules, forced into situations that may be uncomfortable because we soon discover that really connecting with someone is a bit more complex than we thought.  Alas, we enter into dialogue (or is it a monologue?) with our best efforts, hoping there will be that “ahh…” at the end of the conversation.

How can we make conversation refreshing?  How do we avoid deflating those dancing, fizzy bubbles that can tickle our palate and create a new sensation?

Common ground.  Regardless of the situation we are in, whether it be a close confidante, business associate or someone we are meeting for the first time, our objective needs to be to find that “pop” in conversation.  One this occurs, you will recognize it immediately, not only in the flow but in body language.  An excitement of ease occurs as you finally both liberated from the small talk.

A new breath of conversation begins…

Quote of the day:  ” A Man’s character may be learned from the adjectives he habitually uses in conversation.”- Mark Twain

Neurally yours,

imprisoned atoms xo

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