The Compliment Conundrum

Its funny how a compliment can be taken the wrong way.  Is it a NYC thing or a human behavior phenomenon?  Every day, it seems I come across people who visibly seem uncomfortable when someone compliments them.  In some cases they do simply say an awkward “thank you” and in other cases they immediately go into self-deprecation mode.

What happened to appreciating one another?

We are skeptics before we are optimists.  A simple and genuine observation on an outfit or a positive remark on someone’s character can surely make someone’s day.   What stops us from providing that added value into the lives of  those we love, work with or perhaps don’t even know?  Just because.

Here is the interesting part.   What makes someone, anyone unique is not just the good stuff, it is also the flaws they posses.  What they find challenging in their life.  Do build on strengths or do we work to identify the opportunity in our weaknesses?

At the  end of the day, the common ground is to be of and creative value in one another’s lives.  The extend to that may vary depending on the nature of the relationship.  The next time you receive a compliment, recognize it for what it is and as is the karmic nature of life, find a way to give someone else that same feeling of being simply, appreciated.

It is in these small ways that we connect to one another.

Quote of the day – “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. ” – Voltaire

Neurally yours,

something nice xo


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