Evolution’s Fantasy

A world exists where there is only us, growing and developing our needs and desires without interruption. Evolution is about the journey of moments.   We feel and live in these moments, disregarding rational thought, for the moment.   It is the unknown, the yet to be discovered that catalyzes us not action, only here time moves as we tell it to.

We are fully conscious and yet blissfully ignorant.

The heightened sense of who we are, who we wish to be and how we got here are questions best left for another moment.  We remain conscious of our senses and the thoughtful exchange of fruits they bear.

We do not  need to think ahead.  There is no strategy.  There is no competitive edge or need to be the best.

This is the fantasy.  This is our moment.

Music mood:  Bruce Springsteen “Brilliant disguise”

Neurally  yours,

Darwin’s cock xo 



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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