Static on the Line

We all have muttered the words that somehow, after too many focus groups, ended up in the Verizon Wireless spot, ” Can you hear me now?”  We repeat ourselves, speak louder than necessary and always at the point of conversation when the words are superfluous.

Its not just a telecomm phenomenon or advertising gimmick.  Every day, in our conversation with bosses, subordinates, friends, family, significant others, we walk away with a feeling of dissatisfaction.  Why?  In the moment we don’t realize it, or perhaps we just deny it.  the bottom line is we feel the interference.

When there is static on the line, what can we do?  Take a step back.  Replay the conversation, both our words and theirs.  There is always a moment.  A moment when that breakdown occurs.  A moment when our needs overwhelm us and we are no longer focused on connecting.  No longer focused on understanding what is in between the lines, why there is static.

I could give you a step-by -step with how to improve it but it comes from a desire within you.  A desire to understand, empathize.  It takes practice, like any other skill.   You won’t always listen and hear so clearly but the next time you may not have to ask ” can you hear me now?”

Quote of day:  “The problem is that we humans are deep conformists..” – Robert Greene

Neurally yours,

Alexander Graham Bell

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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