The Many Faces of Faith

We talk about faith as an abstract concept, one that is often interchanged with trust, hope and even loyalty.  Over the years, I find that the word has become watered-down and in that process has lost a bit of its patina. Of course it is easy to overlook its significance in our lives.  After all, as we advance as a society, we become that much more distracted, making it often more difficult to connect in a spiritual way.  Conveniently, regardless of our beliefs, we take a certain comfort in knowing that even if there is no acknowledge of this intangible feeling, that it will conveniently be there for us when we call for it.

What we don’t see, can’t feel is not something we concern ourselves with.  Like the timing in a Shakespearian tragedy, the overwhelming sense of urgency strikes and for a minute we are converts, kneeling at the alter of belief.

The many faces of faith.  Denial and acceptance.  Resilience and optimism. A funhouse mirror.  The reflection that stares back at us is different every time.  Yet, we continue to find our way back to something not familiar and there we find beauty, love and freedom.

Music mood:  “Gnossienne No. 1” – Eric Satie

Neurally yours,

the faithful xo


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