The Mulligan Theory

Humans and animals.  How are we that different?  We both have  instincts – to pursue and then execute on immediate needs.  Hungry? We seek out food.  Tired? We seek rest.   Horny?  We seek pleasure.  What separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom?    Self-control.   Our bodies and minds  work to remain in unison, to recognize the significance of  discipline and restraint, despite overwhelming urges at times.  In fact, there is a strong  religious tie to this behavior, often relying upon the reward that this inner strength will help you achieve a higher form of enlightenment and understand of yourself and the world  as it exists.

How do we find the balance?  I ponder this often and have realized that humans have survived because we rely on our mistakes, our failures.  We are designed for “mulligans.”  Even if you don’t play golf, you know that this means a “do over”, a second change and a blessing for the high-handicappers of the world, like myself. lol

At what point do the Mulligans become self-defeating? Do second and in some cases, third and fourth chances hurt us or help us in the end?  As a faithful person, I believe in redemption.  I believe humans consciously make choices every day, aware of potential consequences but understanding that sometimes their needs and desire in the moment take precedent.  It was makes us perfectly fallible creatures and what makes us able to strive for greatness.  Our greatest strength is recognizing our weaknesses.

Quote of the day – ” there is opportunity in every challenge.” – Olivia

Neurally  yours,

the  belly of the Buddha xo



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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