Gravitational Pulls

A recent article about the space-time contiuum and discovery of gravitational waves provoked a thought about the energy that bounces off of individuals every day.

Humans react to the energy created from one another.  An action begets a reaction.  What draws one individual to another?  What is dynamic about this process?  A chemical, physical and kinetic process occurs at the moment of attraction.  It continues to mature and develop as we get discover more about that person.  Attraction or repulsion.

The chemical or carnal is often the first to reveal itself because our brains release the chemicals that catalyze  these intense and physical that may go uncontrolled.

Is it so bad to give into a whim?  An uncontrolled desire?  If we break into down, they are merely gravitational pulls.  The next moment, could take us in a completely different direction.

This is what is so wonderful about life.  It remains a mystery.  A secret.  We continue to work successfully at unearthing these hidden meanings but perhaps some things are meant to remain a mystery.  This is what makes them so special.

Quote of the day:  “Science is not only a disciple of reason, but also one of romance and passion.” – Stephen Hawking

Neurally yours

the Science slut xo


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