The Secret of Secrets

We all have them and some of us are better at keeping them.  In the latest WSJ magazine  this v. topic was discussed.  The consensus seems to be the age-old cliche that “the truth shall set you free.”    A powerful and true statement for sure but when it comes to secrets,  is the freedom we seek  merely only being honest with ourselves?

In a moral endeavor, integrity and honesty are interchangeable.  There never seems to be a question that “honesty is the best policy.”   A simple and clean cliche to assuage our own conscience.   A secret is seen as a burden yet the truth liberates.

I believe its time to view a secret in a different, more positive way.  Whether it something you keep with yourself or with another, there is intimacy in a secret that is satisfying.  A secret doesn’t tell the whole story, it doesn’t define who we are.  It is the secret that makes us fallible, interesting and dynamic.  It also makes us more relatable to one another.  I don’t believe that people are driven by the need for transparency, it may be important in establish trust but it is the mystery and the imagination that catalyzes the action for connecting to others.

The ties that bind are the secrets that are kept.

Music mood:  Bob Moses ” Tearing me up”

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