To a T…

Stand. Sit.  Don’t look.  Don’t touch.  Listen closely because my instructions might get lost as you count your breaths of anticipation.  Reward only reveals itself to those who obey.

In the chair you wait.  You don’t struggle to touch because you understand what I require.  Obedience, my dear.  You demonstrate that by being still, watching me with your body as your eyes are covered.  You react to the low sound of my voice, the hollow sound of footsteps and of course the pressure of my fingertips as the odyssey begins.

We have no idea what twists and turns we will encounter but there is certainty that they will be climatic.

Music mood:   Lana Del Rey  ” Art Deco” – ‘Cause you want more (why?)..You want more….

Neurally yours,

the Artist 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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