Imagination Participation

say how I feel but how can I when my feelings are too quixotic..I find comfort in you and what you desire, what you need and what you are interested in.  I find pleasure in your pleasure.  Isn’t that enough?

If I really were to tell you what pains me would it really matter?  Make a difference? lol   Would you see me as human than a super slut ( Id like to think we can be both lol) ?

We look back on our actions and the things we say with maybe some regret but what is the point?  Our mouths took care of that for us…

The fact is that life is real. Our circumstances are not always ideal and  that shouldn’t stop us from participating in our imagination.  We can be the observer or the participant but the point is that it is our dream, our reality for the moment, our imagination surfaces, probably when we least expect it.

Neurally  yours,

the mirror xo






I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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