The Importance of Feeling Important

Ego does not discriminate.  The desire to feel important and appreciated lives inside everyone – regardless of race, sex or income.   It is an emotion that may even trigger extreme behaviors – jealousy, arrogance even anger.  How can we articulate this  feeling without it appearing misguided?

I have noticed that the most awkward part of a conversation can be when one compliments another.  A genuine, sincere, altruistic word of praise and admiration that often leaves someone speechless or self-depricating.  Why is the giving and taking of a compliment, at times, so awkward?   An act obfuscated  rather than honored in its simplicity.

Despite the rather bleak outlook on the frequency and authenticity of compliments, I end this post on an optimistic note.  It doesn’t take much to make someone feel good.  A moment to observe someone and notice something about them -physically or perhaps delving a bit deeper, can make a huge difference in someone’s life or just in their day. Perhaps the more we practice what is preached, the awkward moments would evolve.

The genuine recognition of another’s goodness.  The genuine recognition of the importance of self-importance.

Music mood:  Smokey Robinson ” I second that emotion”

Neurally yours,

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