Another Year – Reflection over Resolution

I don’t make a big deal about the New Year anymore.  Every day is a new opportunity to start with a clean slate – eat better, exercise more, work more efficiently…Although, for many of us, we can’t help but make that “New Years resolution.” The promise to ourselves, that this year, will be about real and positive change.  Well, we have yet to see it from the White House and government so it is ok that we slack. lol

The change over to another year does make one pause a bit to reflect.  We think about our behavior, what was accomplished, the challenges faced and most importantly, what we continue to work towards. There are some things that can’t be wrapped up with a nice little bow.

Personally, I always strive for more empathy and understanding.   An intense and strong personality like mine, needs that balance.  My mind thinks fast, sometimes too fast.  Over the past year, I have concentrated on the ability to allow the sensual moments and intimacy I experience to be an opportunity of solemnity.  The company I enjoy makes this easy and I have found that the more discerning I am about who I spent time with, the easier and simpler it becomes.

We all have perfectly reasonable explanations for why its hard to change our typical behaviors.  In fact, I bet in a normal day, the majority of us don’t stop to even think that we are constantly excusing ourselves. What word comes out of your mouth more often – can or can’t?

Every day should be an opportunity to begin again, not ever year.   I believe that a well-rounded individual develops their own happiness first, and that causes a reaction that reverberates around those around them.

I have an old fried, who I meet with every few months.  He has know me now for a few years and recently has often remarked that we are on “different paths.”   I’ve said to him,  “we are on the same path but sometimes we choose to navigate differently.”

There is no shame in change, only hope.

Quote of the day:  “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • William

    Nicely Written…Best Wishes For A Happy & Healthy New Year. May Each Day Of 2016 Open New Avenues Of Hope & Promise ~

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