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Giving Limits

If you have read any part of this blog, it reveals my personality in an unbridled manner.  I vacillate often with how much to write as much as with the content creation.  When I write, I do as much for myself as I do for the selective audience it engages.  It is easy to give of yourself in that form, like dancing as if nobody is watching.

In person can be much different.  Is there a selfishness in giving too much? I realize that it may be a fallacy to believe that people are interested in who you really are.  Perhaps, the revelation dampens the intrigue and mystery of what drives the imagination.

There is a bit of narcissism in all of us.  How much of that do we allow to seep into our more tangential relationships?  If we set limits on our vulnerability with others can we still experience enriching and satisfying relationships?

I believe we may not see what someone’s expectations or desires are immediately.  If you pay close attention, really listen, both verbally and non-verbally, that the boundaries which are established can pave the way for the most indulgent and satisfying experiences.  We give only what is asked of us.  If we ignore limits and boundaries, energy is needlessly exerted.  The irony is that boundaries and limits have the ability to create deeper vulnerability and opportunity to explore with one another.

Quote of the day:  ” …The boundaries may reign and in doing so be undone.”  Robert Schlegel

Yours truly,

Border Patrol xo


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • William

    Engaged & Interested In What You Reveal About Yourself Through Your Words,
    Always Looking For The Boundaries To Be Undone. As Far As I Am Concerned, Intrigue Can Be Dampened By Vulnerabilities Revealed ~

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