The Shallow End of the Pool

There are people you meet who are a life-force.  Their energy is so powerful that you are spellbound or maybe its the fusion of you energies together.  You feel intimacy right away even if you don’t know their last name.  This proves that the depth of connection still exists even if you are wading in the shallow end of the pool.

In those moments your limbic system has complete control.  Perhaps that is the point, the control is a myth.  The brain is rationally exuberant.  It is overwhelmed  and the neural pathways are worse than the 405 during rush hour.  However,  this isn’t about thinking it is about feeling.  The feeling of fluidity in the body and the mind.  The feeling of allowing yourself just to be. The feeling of skin on skin, eyes on eyes, breath on breath.   The feeling of desire is felt from your head to your toes and the body is working on reflex and pure instinct.  Pure instinct.

We should never underestimate the depth one can find in the shallow end of the pool.

Music mood:  ” ‘Round Midnight” – Miles Davis

Yours truly,

the swimmer xo

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