Some People….

There are some people that stay with you, even when they aren’t part of your life anymore and will never be again.

There are some people whose impact reverberates again and again and again, in all different ways and means.

There are some people who can see through to your soul and they know they have found a kindred spirit.

There are some people whose hands touch you and the energy creates a heat that never seems to leave you, even on the chilliest  and loneliest of days.

There are some people who could never be forgotten.  You just wouldn’t want to try.

And you shouldn’t.

The earth remains moist.

dedicated to D…a soul mate who know I know is watching down and smiling… and maybe sometimes, wagging his finger at me. The one who taught me that you can love many because each love is unique.

Here is to late nights at the office and old blue eyes.

Music mood:  “fly me to the moon”

Me xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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