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The Sense of Sensuality and Sexuality

Yesterday, I had a fascinating conversation with a client.  After an amazing time together, we lay their relaxed.  The discussion was our post-coital cigarette.

We talked about the difference between sensual and sexual.  You might assume that the word “sensual” is just a synonym for “sexual.”    In my opinion, the words are vastly different, even in their intonation.   The pronunciation of the world sexual is a bit harsh, almost utilitarian.  Let the word “sensual” roll of off your tongue.  It is more enticing.  The air escapes your tongue, flowing seamlessly in between your bottom front teeth as you pronounce the “s” and a subtle whistle emotes.  It is poetic.

Sensuality is the result of energy flow.  It is intangible. It is the result of an organic chemistry between two (or perhaps more) people.   There is more definition in sexuality.  A level of comprehension of one’s self.   An erotic label generated for the good of society?

There is an cause and effect relationship between the two. They need each other to thrive.   We are not Seahorse.  Our physical being does require the input of another to allow us to truly flourish, mentally and emotionally, as well  as productively.  Sensuality is the effect of our evolution.  It is difficult to be truly sensual without a sold sense of openness to the world.  This doesn’t mean being non-judgemental.  It means letting go of control and being in a more zen-like state where you appreciate and accept things for what they are.  This enlightenment will make the sensual all that more powerful…for all involved.

Book suggestion:  Arthur Schopenhauer ” The Wisdom of Life and Counsels and Maxims”

Yours truly,

S &  S

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