The Disconnected Connection

We all seek connection of kind or another, don’t we?   How human bonds develop is better left a mystery.  It makes the “where” “when” and “how all that much more exciting.

Though it is not always easy to determine what specific factors build the significant connections in our life, the same can also be said for “disconnected” connections. It would make sense that  we choose to focus on the good feelings our relationships but isn’t it equally important to understand why some sour and fade?

I wish I could say that the relationships I’ve nurtured, both platonic and amorous were created equal.  Yes, they all have their ebbs and flows, and some ebb more than flow. A few have surprised me.

What I realize is that there is no formula, rhyme or reason for why some relationships proper and some do not.  If it were that easy, there would be so many books and this blog post, discussing the topic.   Our need for control can make this difficult to accept. Ultimately, life is a great deal more enjoyable when we accept things for what they are.

Music Mood – “Gnossiennes No. 1 Lent ” – Jean Yves Thibaudet

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