Let’s Talk About Size and…Touch

I recently came across a post from the blog of the Romantic Mysogynist that discusses,  quite intellectually, the subject of male genitalia.

Let me be quite frank.  I’ve experienced all different kinds of cock – large, small, thin, thick, short, fat head, tootsie pop, etc…You get the idea.   I agree with the author’s assessment that women are less concerned about size and more focused on the overall experience.  Personally, sex  in its purest, most animalistic form is not the main event.  There are no “steps” or “Milestones” to make.  The path, to which, is ours to create.

The scientific approach is to look to the somatosensory system. A multi-dimensional sensory system that deciphers touch through multiple channels.   The warmth of the skin, movement of the muscles and taste.  A harmonious blend of anatomical pathways  that allows our minds and bodies to reach the next carnal level.   The ability to experiment with atypical body parts to achieve a higher sense of sensuality requires a higher creative mind.

A voluptuous mind is a terrible things to waste.

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  • William

    I Believe The Opinion Of A Woman Who Has Experienced All Different Kinds Of Cock Definitely Speaks Volumes ~

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