My Birthday Suit

Another fun time in D.C.   I walked in and you had expertly set the stage for something special.  It was slightly different than last time we had some fun together and I was ready for some of that delicious fun that you bring out in me.

Though we had been communicating about this day for some time, it was so much better than what I had imagined.  We are efficient with our time and its only a few seconds from the moment I walk in that I am standing in my birthday suit.  Of course, this was especially relevant as we were celebrating my 40th.  You know what that means…

Well, maybe you don’t and I’d rather keep those details locked in my mind. Besides,  your imagination will probably create a wilder scenario than reality…well maybe not, actually. 🙂

Well, you know I like to tease… 😉  Happy Birthday to me.

Quote of the day:  “Sensual excess drives out pity in man..” – Marquis de Sade

Yours truly,

the birthday girl xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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