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A Symphony of Sensuality

It was as if we were old friends, with benefits of course. We had chatted several times over the past year and finally I was making my way towards his neck of the woods, Chicago to be exact.  I was glad I did.  His open, genuine and generous spirit made it easy.

Our love of music bonded us.  He is a musician and  regaled me with stories of the bands he played with.  We had an impromptu sing-along which led to the making of our own ballad…I know it sounds sappy but its funny what helps foster a connection.

The bed.  Kneeling expectantly.  Inches apart.  A composition scaled for low and high notes and everything in between….

A symphony of sensuality.

Music mood:  The Monkees – Believer “When I saw her face….now I’m a believer…”

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