The Touch

When it comes to physical intimacy, we often rely on what is obvious to arouse and stimulate each other.  Ecstasy can emanate from many places.  In this case, it was merely from a touch.

We began by sitting cross-legged, facing one another. The room was dark.  There was no kissing, only touching and looking into each other’s eyes. I would love to tell you that there was an immediate relaxation but those first moments are always startling.  I order to reach true relaxation there is always a bit of discomfort first in that you are exposing vulnerabilities.   The act of staring into one’s eyes, naked and ale to read thoughts and emotion is v disconcerting, at first.

The transition happens.  The stimulation of ecstasy began with complete relaxation.  His body is  still. Now, his eyes are closed.  A subtle, slight smile crossed his face to let me know this is where he wants to be.

The touch is not a just a discovery of the wonder of the physical/carnal being but a self-awareness that may be too overwhelming for your brain to process in these moments.

Those moments are ones we shall not soon forget.

Music mood:  Crystal Castles “child I will you” – Hide all that you could.  Done for the greater good.  Its later understood.

Yours truly,

the sensual shaman

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