An Unforgettable 24

10am to 10am.  24hrs.  It was unexpected, intimate and adventurous. TriBeCa, the West Village, Battery Park city, the Upper East Side and Washington Heights. West to East. South to North. Planned spontaneity.  I had done my research , thanks to Thrillist but you never know how it will work out.  24hrs of culture, delicious food and libation, laughter and brief intimate moments.

It was 8 months since we spent time together. I arrived at your hotel to start our adventure.  The greeting articulated what then next 24hrs would bring.  The  12 long-stemmed red roses and speciality chocolate waiting for me on the desk, confirmed it.

24 hrs and nothing short of unadulterated fun.

I love surprises.  I love to surprise even more.  A whole day of them, including food, libation and culture, all topped off with a delicious sweet, red cherry as day turned into night.

The need to express every detail of the fun that we had is something I prefer to keep between us.   The day, the night and the morning after…   Thank you for a lovely and unforgettable time.


Music Mood:  The Cure ” Close to Me” – “I never thought that this day would end, I never thought the night would ever be this close to me…”

24hrs of fun,

Olivia xx

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