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The Lasso’d Brain & The Science Behind Seduction

The brain remains an organ yet to be fully understood and explored.  It is said that humans only use 10% of their brain.  The remaining 90% is a mystery?

Seduction is a mystery as well.  What drives it?  Is it the physical or the intellectual?  I believe, to an extent, that is asking what comes first..the chicken or the egg?  The argument is made for both, as men tend to be more visual.  In my observation, the physical is merely the catalyst to a path that is largely paved with intellectual tickles that creates a unique openness.

The conversation is the foreplay.

Our thirst for knowledge is not easy to quench.  What brings us together is not just skin deep but a need for passion and an appreciation for stimulation and connection. We long to understand people, the human condition, know them, beyond the basic details of their bio.  An opportunity to move the needle in either direction.

The brain is our navigator.  Let us begin to explore…the science of seduction.

The pre-frontal cortex regulates rational thinking and personality.  It begins here.  The decision to explore, sometimes beyond what is natural and comfortable but we are naturally curious creatures. At this juncture, the temporal, occipital and parietal lobes take over.  Their job is largely sensory – visual processing, spacial recognition, smell, touch  and hearing are essential in this journey of discovering one another.

As the discovery continues, more will be revealed.  There are 12 body nerves, 11 of which end in the stem of the brain. The deepest and oldest part of our brain is a major artery off of our bodies’ superhighway, as our vital organs become alive and alert.   Then there was 1, never to be exact.  This vital nerve talks to our limbic system, a rest stop above the brain stem controls memories and emotions.  Although its functions are duplicated in other areas of the brain, we want wants is about to happen to be a memory we won’t soon forget.

Let’s not forget the seamless transition of 200,000,000 nerves cells in the Cerebrum that intersect the left and the right sides of our brains, coordinating our thoughts, feeling and motor skills.

Finally, we have the Cerebellum, the workhorse that works  effortlessly to pull, organizes and fine tunes our journey – from emotions to thoughts and our movements.

Yes, the seductive ending to our destination may start superficially but the intensity, complexity and beauty of the journey itself is harnessed and nurtured by our lasso’d brains.

Quote of the Day – ” Men are governed by lines of intellect, women by curves of emotion.” – James Joyce



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