There is Light In Darkness

The room is dark.  Pitch black, in fact.  You can’t see me and I can’t see you.  United we stand on a journey with an unknown destination.  Silently, you stand there, blindfolded in darkness. Gagged. Naked.  You wait for my command.  I’m in control and that’s what you need, right now… until you don’t.  After all, the balance of power is always shifting.

You see through my touch.  The tickle of a feather and my fingertips against your back, chest and legs.  My voice is deep and clear as the words float into your ear.  Your body answers. As a bat hovers in the dark shadows, so do I.

What’s next?  Only in the darkness can that be answered.  Only in the darkness there is clarity.  Only in darkness can you see the light.

Quote of the Day:  “What is Pi?  3.14…”

Yours truly,

bat girl xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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