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Gatsby’s Tale

Setting: A modern hotel room in the Flatiron.

My role is simple.  I am simply a tiny stuffed animal, a goose to be exact, that lays perched on the bed to welcome guests of the hotel. I think the hotel management thinks its a cute gimmick.  I digress and pardon my manners.   My name is Gatsby.  At least that is what the tag says that hangs around my furry neck.  Enchante.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my role as bedroom host but I can tell you, what I witnessed the other night was a first.

No time wasted by these two folks.   It was nice to see a man and woman kissing and making out so passionately from the minute they walked in the room.  It made my job a bit easier since I didn’t have to dance for them.  Yeah, the room was getting warm and I was ready to say “pass the popcorn.”   Wow…this guy is pretty talented.  I’ve never seen someone do such a  quick and dirty chest harness.  She is admiring his working the mirror with a huge smile on her face.  Nice.  “Hey guy, any chance you can build me a nest that quickly?”

She’s on her knees.  He commands her to lick the vamp of his boots. She obeys. Wow.  Cue: moving over to the bed, as the reward.

Then, the girl.  Uh-oh.  She’s giving me a devious look. Wow…she really is creative. I cover my eyes with my wings…but only for a little while.  I can’t help myself..

Whoa.  This guy is no joke.  He has now blindfolded the girl. Her hands reach up and feels the slippery latex from the suit he put on. Its clear she is turned on. He  does have a stern hand..

The next thing I know that stern, firm hand reaches for me and I’m flying through the air and landing on the carpet….wait, now I only have a bird’s-eye view.  🙁

Great Gatsby.

Music mood:  Depeche Mode – ” Blue Dress” – ” Put it on and stand before my eyes…Put it on please don’t questions why….”

Yours truly,

the Great Gatsby

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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