Bodies In Motion

Physics. When we think of sex, it is primal, not academic, not scientific.  However, there is something to the science of sex.  Physics.  Kinetic energy.  A body in motion….The corollary concepts of energy, force, space and time.

Two bodies… a collision but not a tragedy.  Physics is the oldest academic discipline and like sex there is still so much to be discovered.

There is a moment,  limbs  entangled, lips  parted… a mere breath away, that the wonderment of the physicality of sex teases our brains.  Its a fleeting moment as we let our minds go and dive into one another..only because of the forces and energy that bind us…in that fleeting moment.

Music mood:  Stromae – ” Formidable”  – ” Nous etions formidable” (we were wonderful together)

Yours truly,

the kinky geek xx

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