Finding Intimacy

A deep, guttural laugh. A captivating story told.    An engaging, delicious meal.  We find intimacy in the most unexpected places.

Intimacy can emanate from many different places.  There doesn’t have to be a prerequisite of a relationship history or even cuddling.  On the contrary, sometimes the best intimacy happens when you meet someone for the first time.   A rapport is created and the rest is left to chance.

Its not just the physical or carnal.  Its the whole experience.  The minute we address each other to the minute we are undressed and everything in between.

Discovery is raw and provocative.  Let the adventure begin.

Music Mood:  Rolling Stones – ” Cant You Hear Me Knocking” – ” Here me ringing big bell tolls, Here me singing soft and low…”

Yours truly,

the intimate stranger xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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