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The “Draw” of Seduction

That word. Seduction.  The sound of it rolling off our tongues is provocative.  In fact,  its etymology dates back to the 16th century “seducere” – to draw aside.   drawing you into a journey, a path to discovery.     Our senses are the compass.   One that is intimately shared to those who are daring in confidence to venture into possibilities.  The spirit of seduction is the methodical randomness of it.

In school, science and math were not my strong suits. Perhaps, I was so intimidated by the theory that I couldn’t get passed it to understand its practical application.  Now, I see seduction as one way of applying Quantum Field Theory.  The power of seduction derives from energy/fields that flow dynamically in and on and between one another.  The result of this is an intimate, discreet connection.

Yes, there are many ways we can “draw aside.”  The most powerful force of seduction is one is not seen but only felt.

Quote of the Day:  “Fields vibrating and interaction with one another is just the most poetic language that I can think of…” -Dr. Sean Carroll, an explanation of Quantum Field Theory

Yours truly,

Your geeky courtesan xx

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