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Three Is A Good Crowd

A human sex sandwich and I am your meat.  Two hot men, one 30 years of age and another in his late 50’s…both of you know what you are doing…

One pulls my hair and kisses me passionately while the other licks me where he knows I like it.  Perfectly timed music harmoniously blends with the heated erotic atmosphere.  It feels wonderful to be sandwiched in between these two gentlemen.

The young man is submissive and begins to stroke his cock for awhile, lazily watching the sexual machines in front of him..  I love men sucking each other, so I whisper to them to begin sucking one another.  There is something so hot in watching two men pleasure each other orally.  The sexual confidence in the room is high. We are all pleasuring each other.  My hand is reach into cavernous places…resulting in smiles all around.

As I arch my back, I delight in having my nipples sucked and licked, one for each man.   Then, I begin to pleasure myself as they both tower over me, cocks in hand. It doesn’t take too long for my body to erupt in applause.  It doesn’t take long for both of them to follow with an encore of their own…Fireworks shooting all over my breasts…

Who says three isn’t a good crowd?

Music mood: Lana Del Rey – “Fucked my way up to the top” – “I fucked my way to the top, this is my show..”

Yours truly,

Delicious lunch meat xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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