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Sugary Nights…

A bakery box stood deliberately begging to be open.  I took the cupcakes out from the best bakery in all of NYC, Two Little Red Hens, located on the UES. A smile on my face, knowing what I was about to do with them….

Though it was your birthday, I thought instead of singing to you it might be more impactful to straddle you in nothing but a lace and satin black thong.  The cupcake with the candle rested between my breast as I asked you sweetly to “blow out the candle and make a wish.”   Then the fun began…

I took the cupcakes and began to drag them up and down your body while simultaneously kissing and licking you.  The icing in your mouth created such an erotic sensation….warm, gooey, sugary.  The transition of the frosting from a solid to a liquid state only intensified things…

My body pressed against yours with nothing but the sugary stuff between us.  I reached for the amazing Bordeaux, took a sip and kissed you feeling the powerful flavors light up our mouths, causing us to press harder against one another.

I liked that you took initiative and let your tongue and fingers explore the inside of me.  My legs and fists clenched tightly as you took your time in the right spots….

It didn’t matter that we were covered headed to toe in fudge frosting.  The time was right.  The intense foreplay warmed us to the boiling point..

Fucked in frosting.  Happy Birthday.

Music mood:  Andrew Bayer ” The District”

Yours truly,

The third little red hen xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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