Morning ..x and Markets…

I make you read Barron’s while I get on my knees…You sip your coffee slowly.   I don’t allow you to look at me…just keep reading..

There is a moment of intention.  I stand up in my 50’s pin-up dress, ripping the newspaper out of your hand and bend over onto your naked lap.  In my sweetest voice I ask ever so sweetly for a spanking.  I feel your large, firm hand meet my right cheek.   Our tongues meet and it feels like home.  Its not a particularly passionate kiss rather a slow ember…a slow ember that burns hot and bright.  I’m melting with you…Modern English…eat your heart out..

My mind is blank.  My body is on fire.  I force your hand down my pantyhose because you need to feel this. Your tongue in my mouth confirms you know and more importantly, you understand.

Yes..I think I am finally feeling the effects of this QE..liquidity expansion indeed….

Music mood:  the sound of your voice reading Barron’s

Yours truly,

your slutty secretary xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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