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The Paradox of Kink

The world of kink is a paradoxical place.  On the surface its seems to be all about the excitement of  uncovering and exploring new fetishes but dig a little deeper and often you find it to be an exploration of the inner-self.

A self, often times that is stuck in between two worlds.

This lifestyle can easily suck you in and overwhelm if you are not careful.  It is easy to lose perspective on what’s important because it is the human condition to crave escape rather than to face challenges in our lives, head on.  I was a slave for 5 years to a man.  I would have given him my eyes had he lost his sight.  In the end, the one who gained a new vision, was me.

I was a mentor to another. I realized life has a funny way of coming full circle.  My protege did to me what I did to my ex.  I  opened him to the this crazy world and he found a bespoke style that literally, suited him.  Then, my work was done.

That is the funny thing with the kinky world.

We all say we are open.  We love to talk about living in the moment, no expectations, blah, blah, blah.. We all aspire to something that is beyond our everyday capability.  How ready are we really when that day comes or cums?   We try our best to keep all the boxes of our life shut with secure lids, only to find them opening when we least expect it.  It can be quite taxing on us, not only physically but emotionally.

The lesson learned here is to realize is to use the world of BDSM as a catalyst for reflection of who we are as people.  Don’t focus on the “how” as much as the “why.”   This does not mean “all or nothing.”   However, at some point, we mature enough in the lifestyle to shed the caricature of ourself and allow truths unspoken to reveal themselves.  We learn how to maneuver the two sides and how to allow them to co-exist harmoniously.  As the Beatles lament, it is a long and winding road…In those moments when we truly feel the power and enlightenment that this delicious world shines on our true self.

Its not about fetish.  It is about embracing the paradoxical you.

Music mood:  Ceu – “Malemolencia”

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