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A Bite of Chocolate

Pursed between your lips…the perfect blend of sweet and savory, a single bit of chocolate.

Don’t chew it. Don’t lick it.  Let it rest between your lips.  I’m straddling you.  My face, my lips snuggle your earlobe.  My breath bombards your neck. The chocolate begins to melt.  I lick it but avoid your lips.  You aren’t deserving…just yet.

I take a piece of my own and let it linger on my tongue.  I let it melt on your inner thighs before my mouth does a deep dive into your lap.  You gasp hard and that is not the only thing that’s, well..hard.

All because of a bite of chocolate.

Music mood:  Lana Del Rey ” American” – “You make me crazy, You make me wild…”

Yours truly,

Candy girl xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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