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The Guest Star

Two threesomes in a week is like seeing a pig fly.  It just doesn’t happen…..oh but it does in the year 2015… lol

The girl was so much fun.  She was v. nervous but I thought it was cute.  A curvy, native New Yorker.  Since she was nervous I had her start by simply unzipping my dress while he sprawled out comfortably on the bed, lazily and dreamily watching.  When someone is nervous in a sexual situation, the best tactic is to empower them.

I love to be spanked so I instructed her to give me a nice hard slap as I bent over and rest my ass on her tits.   Her hand felt soooo good.  I turned around to face her and reward her by giving her a long, deep kiss.  Her tongue was so soft and delicious.  The chemistry was instant and we couldn’t stop kissing.

I was reminded why I love playing with a woman.  She was relaxed now…

Softly I whispered in her ear, ” lay down on the bed.”  I like a girl who is obedient.

Then, I overwhelmed her.  When she took off her shirt, the largest breasts lay before me.  I knew she just had a baby and as I sucked her nipples I couldn’t help but wish milk would come out.   Lately, I’ve had a lactation fetish.

I licked and sucked and pushed those puppies together while I licked and sucked and lightly bit them.  My eyes never left her.  I had a sloppy grin while I moved slowly down her body, licking every inch until…

She began to suck his cock.  Her large, round ass was in my face.  “Why not?” I thought. I found a strategic position under her and in I went…finding her petal and lightly and slowly licking it while she sucked away. Of course, this was just the amuse bouche.  The meal awaited the three of us…

It was my turn.  My turn to suck his cock.  My turn to lick his balls and appreciate his ass.  My lovely new friend enjoyed the view and was quite encouraging while I feasted.          I suggested she join me in the festivities and then next thing we knew we were sexually mulit-tasking  –  licking his shaft, sucking on the head and allowing our own lips and tongues to find their way to each other.  He came on both of our faces.

The grand finale was taking out my magic wand and fucking her with it.  I licked her petal some more and teased her relentlessly with that wand until she asked permission to cum, just like I instructed.

Its so much fun being the guest star.

Music mood:  Billy Joel..”New York State of Mind”  – “I don’t have any reason, I’ve left them all behind…I am in a NY State of Mind.”

Yours truly,

the unicorn  xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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