Double Trouble in CT

This weekend was amazing.  So much fun, especially when it ends with a threesome.  Of course it is always an adventure when I’m taking a Dominatrix to see one of my favorite people.

It doesn’t take us long to get comfortable.  The Brazilian jazz plays seductively in the background.  The clothes come off and we are on his bed.  His head lays comfortable on my pussy.  My friend works her fingers into his ass.   I kiss and lick his neck, suck his fingers hard as if i am deepthroating his cock.  Then, I overwhelm him with my breasts.  I force my nipples into his mouth.  I tell him to suck hard.  Harder.  I want him to squeeze on mammary glands.  I want milk to come out.  A little does.  It is so hot.

As my friends puts on her strap-on, we switch positions.  She is going to fuck his mouth and she won’t be gentle about it.  Now it  is my turn to work his juicy ass with my fingers and suck his beautiful, full round balls.

The room is getting hotter as I lick and suck him down below and she expertly works his mouth.  We have already taken him to the brink once, and now its time for…..


Music mood:  Ceu – “Malemolencia”

Yours truly,

dirty girl x

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