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Golden Sun…

On my knees I prayed as you stood over me….

My mouth expectantly open, waiting and needing to feel the warmth of your stream on my tongue…tickling my throat.

I learned from you.  I grew as a result of knowing you…I dont miss us.  Well, I do sometimes. I miss the training and  fucking someone because I knew it would please you.  My mind, heart and soul have reconciled what was us for something better.

You forced me to look in the mirror….to realize I was a stallion not capable of being broken.  The surrender is not discreet.  It is ongoing….you taught me that.  A life realized.  There is total freedom in the truth.

Regrowth, not just band-aids on old wounds.

Here it comes….perfect aim between my nude lips ( I know you hate lipstick).  Our eyes are locked in this intimate moment, one that hasnt existed between us in over a year.  Though our dynamic has changed it doesnt spoil the moment. i am no longer your slave but our dynamic is so much better.  We have evolved.

Now we have moments… Beautiful, interesting moments.   Secrets we share.  Stories to tell.

Your golden sun shines on my skin and awakens my mouth.

Thank you, T.

Music mood:  Above & Beyond “quieter is louder”

Me xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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