Music to My Ears – Partying at Pacha

Last night was so much fun.  My friends and I went to Pacha to see Showtek, DJ’s from  the Netherlands.

Music is a true passion for me. I listen to everything from Bob Dylan and Clapton to the Beastie Boys, Puccini and Above & Beyond. EDM, electronic dance music, has a special place in my heart.   A play date is always accompanied by a playlist…The intimacy is heightened because of the music and my ability to let my mind go…and be completely absorbed in that moment, in that person.   When I am listening to a DJ spin live, there are no thoughts in my brain.  I allow myself to get fully engulfed in the experience – the lights, the crowd, the driving beat.

As I reflect on the experiences in my life from my relationships, to my kink, travel, even my work life…music has always played a central role…accentuating those moments.

Music, in many ways, is my therapy. It has helped get through long trips, breakups, deaths and some of the most celebrated moments in my life.

Yes…I think I will be still be dancing my face off even when I am 50….


Music mood:  Shwotek ” We like to Party”

Yours truly ,

your EDM butterfly

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